Saving Tennessee’s Civil War Battlefields

Preservationists continue to save Civil War hallowed ground. Recent victories have occurred at Parker's Crossroads and Franklin. As the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War...

Kentucky, which joined the Confederacy after the Civil War

A Civil War site in central Kentucky contains lots of African American and Civil War memories. The title of this article vents a sense that...

President Abraham Lincoln Frees the Slaves

Lincoln said the proclamation was "essentially a war measure" with "the desired effect of depriving the Confederacy of much of its valuable laboring force." On...
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Faithless Electors

We will know on election night in November, or early the next morning, who will be our next President. But in reality, that is...

Teachers in the White House

Education is a major issue in the current election campaign. Many of our past presidents had first-hand experience in the education field. Some were...

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