Roulette is the favorite casino game for many Americans. The true origin of Roulette is unknown.

Roulette is the favorite gambling game of millions of Americans. If you visit any European, South American, Nevada, or Carribean Island casino, you will find that on average three out fo the five players seated at a Roulette table are women. According to research done by the famous John Scarne, each year approximately $150 million was lost by Americans playing Roulette, of which about 50% ($75 Million) is lost by women.

Where Was Roulette Invented?

Roulette is said by some historians to have been invented circa 1656 by French scientist, Bliase Pascal, during his retreat to a monastery, and first played in a makeshift casino in Paris, France. On the other hand, other historians say the game was invented by a French monk to break the monotony of monastery life.

Still others say it originated in an old Chinese game whose basic objective was to arrange 37 statutes of animals in a “magic square” of triple 6s. However, those others do not specify the method of play. These theorists add that the game was later played in Tibet and eventually by monks of French Dominica.

Roulette Comes to America

Roulette was first introduced in America’s casinos and up until about 1890 the American wheels were of a different, special design unlike the European wheels. These wheels had 31 numbers and symbols: the numbers 1 through 28, a single 0, a double 00, and a picture of the American eagle – the equivalent of a triple 000.

The modern American wheel with its single 0 and double 00 is similar to the wheel discarded by the French and European casinos decades ago. This goes to show that the first American Roulette players of colonial times used the early French style wheel.

The Game of Roulette

Fortunes have been won and lost by both men and women playing Roulette. The largest amount of money known to have been won in a single spin of the wheel is only $67,500. The largest amount of money to have been lost in America playing the game in one session is $1,250,000.

Standard Roulette equipment includes a table (which come in two major styles), the Roulette layout, the balls, and the wheels. A table is usually worked by two attendants (sometimes referred to as “croupiers”). The attendant that spins the wheel and deals the game is called the “wheel roller” by other casino employees.