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From Imperialist Britain's divisive British rule to independence in India and on to the beauty of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, it is hoped these articles will inspire abiding interest in the history and culture of Asia. Articles range, from fascinating biographical pieces through to all aspects of history of the region, the Vietnamese and Korean Wars and development of the post-war economies and infrastructures.

General Ne Win: The Man who kept Burma back from Progress

Burma was originally a part of India for Administrative reasons, when the British Empire controlled the entire region. But later it was separated from...

The Mayaguez Fiasco

The Mayaguez incident was the only engagement between U.S. forces and the Khmer Rouge. Just two weeks after the Vietnam War the U.S. were...

Pirates of the Malacca Strait

The Malacca Strait, in South East Asia, has been frequented by pirates for hundreds of years. The Malacca Strait, which runs between Malaysia and...

Effects of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905

The first war of the 20th Century resulted in a stronger Japan, revolution in Tsarist Russia, and United States efforts to create an...

History of the Spanish Language in the Philippines

The Spanish language, whilst not always being the most spoken language in the Philippines, has been an integral part of Filipino society for...
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The Origins of Thumbs Up or Down: Life or Death

Thumbs up in some cultures is a sign of approval, while in others, it is a sign of disrespect. Where did it come from? The...

From Papyrus to Paper

Papyrus is an Egyptian water plant that has enabled man to preserve from oblivion the records of dynasties long since passed into history. The...

Qanats: Ancient Underground Aqueducts

Approximately 3000 years ago, clever technicians in the Middle East developed a method for moving water that was reliable, ecologically sound, pollution-free, long-lasting and...