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Join us on a journey through time from prehistory to the present day. Discover Neolithic stone tools and the origins of agriculture in ancient Mesopotamia. Explore the civilisations of Rome, Greece, the Inca’s and the Mayans. Learn about our industrial past.

Types of Ancient Civilisations

Civilisations do not spring up out of nowhere. They go through a number of stages before reaching their fully developed form. Civilisations evolve similar to...

The Industrial Archaeology of Ironbridge Gorge

Examination of industrial archaeology in the Ironbridge Gorge shows the area has an industrial heritage stretching back to the middle ages. Ironbridge is most...

Using Geoarchaeology to Find the Sources of Raw Materials

This article examines how archaeologists can use geoarchaeology to help determine the sources for the raw materials of artifacts. Figuring out where ancient people...