Columba and the Loch Ness Monster


With news that a scientist thinks the Loch Ness Monster is nothing more than hot air, it is time to reexamine the origins of the legend/reality.

Columba and the Loch Ness Monster For it is with the beloved Columba that the legend of the monster started. Columba, it will be remembered, did his best to spread Christianity to all of the northern British Isles. He was quite successful, after a fashion, converting even a very prominent Pictish chieftain to the Christian cause.

Columba is said to have performed many miracles, in addition to the conversion of prominent pagans. One of these miracles was reported on Loch Ness. As this site reports, Columba had nothing but his wits and the symbol of God about him that night, yet he turned a great water beast back from its murderous bent and sent it packing back under the waves.

Columba passed on his teachings and his faith to the people of the North. He also, it seems, passed on the beginnings of a legend, one that is still very much with us.

Now, back to the present: Yes, it’s true. Italian geologist Luigi Piccardi says the real origin of the Nessie legend is not Columba’s supposed miracle but the period volcanic eruptions along the Great Glen Fault, which lies underneath Loch Ness. Piccardi doesn’t comment on the number of supposed physical sightings over the years. We may never know for sure …