Independent Women of Pompeii

Mt. Vesuvius buried Pompeii, and a chronicle of Roman life frozen in time. Excavations have unearthed a wealth of information on the life of...

The Ninth Roman Legion: Myths, Truths and Propaganda

First, let’s take the legend of the disappearance in Caledonia. It is highly unlikely that such a crack unit of the Roman Army as...

Nero – The Useless, Neglectful and Cruel Emperor of Rome

His horrible reputation is well deserved for as ruler Nero was incompetent, careless, rancorous, violent and sadistic. As a human being, he was very...
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The Avignon Papacy: Babylonian Captivity of the Church 1309 – 1377

The Avignon papacy, sometimes called the “Babylonian Captivity of the Church,” lasted from 1309 to 1377. This period reflected a growing loss of power...

The Courtenay Coal Torpedo: The Confederacy’s Secret Civil War Weapon

The coal torpedo was developed by Thomas Edgeworth Courtenay of St. Louis who, prior to the American Civil War, operated a successful shipping business...

The Destruction of the Knights Templar: The Guilty French King and the Scapegoat Pope

The destruction of the Knights Templar came as a result of greed on the part of the French king, Philip IV, and not at...