Cleopatra I Queen of Egypt

Cleopatra I of Egypt was the first of seven Egyptian queens named Cleopatra ranging from 193 until 30 BC, with the death of Antony’s...

Ancient Egypt – Beauty, Makeup and Hygiene

Women in Ancient Egypt were fixated on cleanliness, makeup, and beauty. Ancient Egyptians were known for their distinct eye makeup, oils and perfumes. Ancient...

Ancient Egypt Makeup and Perfume Rituals

Cosmetics and perfume were essential to life in Ancient Egypt, they excelled in the realm of beauty and their rituals continue to hold our...
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The Origins of Thumbs Up or Down: Life or Death

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From Papyrus to Paper

Papyrus is an Egyptian water plant that has enabled man to preserve from oblivion the records of dynasties long since passed into history. The...

Qanats: Ancient Underground Aqueducts

Approximately 3000 years ago, clever technicians in the Middle East developed a method for moving water that was reliable, ecologically sound, pollution-free, long-lasting and...