What made the Trojan Horse such a success

Detail from The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy by Domenico Tiepolo (1773), inspired by Virgil's Aeneid

The Trojan Horse, what a beautifully, masterminded creation of the Greeks. Back in Ancient times the belief in gods was at its ultimate high, which is why the Trojan Horse was so successful.

The Trojan Horse was a marvelous object that came into effect at the end of the ten year war between Priam (king of Troy) and Agamemnon (king of Greece). It all started when Helen the wife of Menelaus (brother to Agamemnon), king of Sparta, fell in love with the young prince of Troy, Paris. When Menelaus found out that his wife had left with the Trojans, he went to his brother for help. Agamemnon was ecstatic with the opportunity that arose. For power was everything to Agamemnon, the chance to take over troy was an opportunity he was not going to miss.

Agamemnon summoned all the kings of Greece and all the best warriors he had, to sail to Troy, for this was going to be the war of all wars, the war that will never be forgotten. The Greeks had some of the best warriors, the king of Ithaca Odysseus and his cunning mind, the Spartans who knew no mercy nor weakness, the strength of the mighty Ajax, and of course Achilles the king of the Myrmidons (the most fearsome and most loyal warriors), with his swift fighting style, he was said to be invulnerable.

We cannot forget the Trojans, they had their high walls to protect them from any invasion, they also had Hector,breaker of horses, Hector was the prince of Troy (son of Priam and brother to Paris).

This war dragged on for many years, battles were won back and forth. Then one night the cunning mind of Odysseus went to work, he came up with a plan that would turn out to be a masterpiece of their time. The Greeks hid all of their ships out of sight, they built a wooden horse and hid inside of it. The Trojans did not see the ships and thought that the Greeks had sailed back home. They saw the wooden horse and thought that the Greeks had built and left it there to honor the god Apollo, in return for a safe voyage home. They were terribly mistaken, for they underestimated the Greeks, who had conceived a most cunning plan.

The Trojans brought the wooden horse into their city and through their high walls, this was the mistake of all mistakes, for behind those walls they were safe, until they brought the enemy in themselves. The Trojans celebrated their victory (or so they thought) and left the horse within their city. When they were all passed out from drinking and celebrating, the Greeks emerged from the wooden horse and destroyed the city of Troy.

The lesson that we can all learn from the Trojan war is never judge a book by it’s cover, there’s always a hidden meaning to everything.