National Golf Day – October 4th


National Golf Day was created to raise money for charities providing help for those in need.

National Golf Day is about much more than just a chance to hit the courses. National Golf Day is a charitable event raising thousands of dollars. In 1952 the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) and LIFE Magazine sponsored the first National Golf Day. Golf Day takes the entry fees of the contributors, those playing with the professionals, and donates the proceeds to charitable causes.

National Golf Day Beginnings

Cog Hill Golf and Country Club located in Lemont, Illinois sponsored the first National Golf Day, raising $80,000. Professional golfers were not the only attendees. Bob Hope, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis are just a few of the more famous guests to attend that first Golf Day. As National Golf Day grew in popularity more and more golf courses started their own events as a result. There has been a National Golf Day annually held on October 4, 1952.

National Golf Day – Playing for Charities

In more recent years the U.S. Golf Industry “have determined that hosting an annual National Golf Day in Washington, D.C. affords an outstanding opportunity for the industry to reach out to Members of Congress in a coordinated and effective manner,” in hopes of promoting golf and providing support to Americans. The World Golf Foundation has now held their third annual National Golf Day in April 2010 in Washington D.C..

No matter which day one chooses to celebrate National Golf Day, just remember that it is a day to support charities. According to the World Golf Foundation, “golf’s leaders communicated that the industry is united as never before in its efforts to increase the impact economically, improve its environmental stewardship and use its fundraising capacity to improve the lives of millions of Americans.”

Patriot Golf Day

National Golf Day was initiated to raise money to help support charities. Patriot Golf Day was developed to “support the children and spouses of military men and women killed or disabled while serving our great nation.” Patriot Golf Day is honored over Labor Day Weekend. The first ever Patriot Golf Day was celebrated in 2007. Dan Rooney started Patriot Golf Day. He is the founder of the Folds of Honor Foundation, an F-16 Pilot, a PGA Professional, and a member of the USGA. Dan Rooney asked golfers to add an extra dollar to their green fees throughout Labor Day. That first year they managed to bring in more than $1 million dollars.