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In the Shadow of his Son – Philip II of Macedon

And these deeds he accomplished, not by the favour of Fortune, but by his own valour. For King Philip excelled ..

Why Rome Never Conquered the Mediterranean Sea

By the time the Romans had established the Pax Romana, that body of water we call the Mediterranean Sea ..

Why Did Christianity Succeed?

The success of Christianity was by no means inevitable. A combination of factors led to its advent. Chief among these were the spiritual and ..

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Greek Interaction with East Africa

The East African commercial interest by the Ancient Greeks had existed as early as the eighteenth century BC with Egypt being the middleman.

Philip V - The Darling of Hellas

The First Macadonian War was an integral part of the Second Punic War. It engaged Rome at a time when she seemed to be at the end of her resources.

Philip V - The Butcher of Hellas

In the spring of 205, Philip began to rebuild his navy. He concentrated his efforts upon amassing a sea power far larger than the one he had burned in ...